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I heard if you wear slippers your feet wont grow anymore is this true?

1) is it true if you grow taller your feet grows?

2) if you wear slippers and your feet wont grow that means you wont grow taller?

3)is it true if you grow taller and you still wear slippers does that mean your feet will grow but not as much with slippers on?

I heard if you wear slippers your feet wont grow anymore is this true?
Perhaps if you wear a hat all day your hair won%26#039;t grow any more and you will never need a hair cut and perhaps if you wear gloves all day your finger nails won%26#039;t grow any more and you will never need to trim your nails.
Reply:Wearing slippers has NOTHING to do with how much your feet grow. Foot size has nothing to do with how tall you are, but taller people tend to have larger feet.
Reply:I heard that you are a real idiot
Reply:if some one told you this they are feeding you a line none of it is fact. You need to read more on growth and development of the human body
Reply:Wearing slippers has nothing to do with how tall you will be or how big your feet will be.
Reply:1. No. This is false. My feet have been a size 13 since I was 13 years old (and roughgly 5%26#039;10%26quot;) I am 30 years old now and I am 6%26#039;3%26quot;. I grew 5 inches after my feet stopped growing.

2. Slippers have nothing to do with the growth of yopur feet. Unless you wore the slippers 100% of the time without ever taking them off, which might result in deformed feet sincve yopur feet would still be growing, then there is no affect on the growth of your feet.

3. Again no. Someone is filling your head with a bunch of B.S.
Reply:This is fake same with %26quot;if you wear a tight under-ware your D!ck won%26#039;t grow%26quot; or %26quot; If you wear no brawl your boobs will fall down through time%26quot;.
Reply:Seems you%26#039;ve gotten a hold of some magic slippers!

Stop listening to ridiculous crap.
Reply:No. If you try and wear tight shoes all you will do is damage your feet. They will still grow to the size they are designed to grow to. All you will do is to give yourself painful feet the rest of your life.

I grew up very poor and had to wear shoes that were too tight and now I am having to have surgeries to straighten my feet back up. It is VERY painful.

It%26#039;s not worth the vanity of having small feet.
Reply:haha where did u hear that? dont believe a word. if that was the case why would wearing shoes be any different? i think someone is pulling your leg.
Reply:Slippers have nothing to do with any of the growth process! my friend has really big feet but is still quite short. it varies and slippers are comfy.

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Slippers by the fire man or a bit of Rough and Ready..A question for the Girls?

What do you prefer girls a man who does the shopping, reads the classics and likes his slippers by the fire, or a man who, when you come through the door rips off your vest and makes love in the lobby (hall) ?

Slippers by the fire man or a bit of Rough and Ready..A question for the Girls?
A bit of both! It depends on the mood your in when u walk thru the door!
Reply:Rough and ready for now, and the next few years, then maybe try something else.
Reply:all of the above without the slippers!
Reply:How about one who does all of these things.

Love and blessings Don
Reply:I think I%26#039;d go with the slippers by the fire man. It%26#039;s nice to be able to connect with someone on an intellectual level and be able to spend time with them reading or shopping.
Reply:rough and ready
Reply:Mainly rough and ready but with a bit of slippers by the fire thrown in. I like a bit of help with chores from my man.
Reply:Definately both!! My husband is amazing but he hasn%26#039;t taken to wearing slippers just yet!! ;-)
Reply:VEST?????????????? What year is this 1992?
Reply:Don%26#039;t see why the two have to be mutually exclusive. My husband is capable of both.
Reply:Depends, they both can be sexy. I guess it would depend on my mood and the day.

Slippers man for a husband, bit of rough for a lover...:-)

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Can peed on my Suede slippers. Help!?

I have a pair of awesome suede slippers from Target.

My cat is blind %26amp; peed on one of the slippers, how do I get it out!

Here%26#039;s the catch:

The slippers have a super fuzzy inside, and if I wash them, it%26#039;ll pill up.

Can peed on my Suede slippers. Help!?
Do not rub it hard or do not dry it, gently rinse. If that doesnt work then try it with comb but gently!!!!!!
Reply:wash them on gentel do not dry air dry lightley brush inside
Reply:you could try a product called Natures Miracle test it first

You can get it at pet stores
Reply:go to ur local pet store and get their product of urine be gone

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I have a pair of slippers that are totally saturated from laundry detergent. How do I get it out?

I was gone for about a week and most of the bottle of detergent seeped out onto one of my slippers. I%26#039;ve tried rinsing them out but after 20 minutes they were still sudsy. They are slippers that aren%26#039;t supposed to go into the washer. Whats the best (and quickest) way to get it out so I can wear my slippers?

I have a pair of slippers that are totally saturated from laundry detergent. How do I get it out?
You are not going to be able to wear them today. First you will have to soak them in SEVERAL changes of COLD water. They are probably listed as not washable because hot water will make the glue separate. Then you will have to dry them on the lowest setting of your dryer or even the air only setting. It will probably take them overnight to dry. Good luck!
Reply:Rinse them several times and then soak them in white vinegar to neutralize the detergent and rinse them again until there are no more suds. You may have to repeat the process several times until all of the detergent is gone. Squeeze out the excess water. Then if you have a rack for the dryer where the drum turns while the rack stays stationary or a shoe dryer bag that attaches to the back of the dryer door, air dry them so they don%26#039;t mold or mildew.
Reply:wash,wash, wash, throw them away, go to Kmart, or the dollar store,
Reply:I would keep rinsing them out. It may take awhile, but just keep doing it until it%26#039;s out. Have you tried putting the slippers in a pillow case and tie the end. Then put it in the washer on gentle cycle? I do this for some of my stuff that can%26#039;t go in the washer. They always come out fine. Just let them air dry after the wash. I hope this helps.

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Slippers or flip-flops?

as in,

a man just woke up from a coma after a traffic accident.

doctor: i have some good news and bad news for you and would you like to know the good news or the bad news first?

patient: tell me the bad news first.

doctor: okey, the bad news is that i had to amputate both your legs.

patient: what about the good news?

doctor: you got a good price for your slippers(flip-flops) from the patient in the next ward.

Slippers or flip-flops?

BTW, nice one!
Reply:the same pareho.. flip-flops and slippers mean just the same thing. the former just being given a cute term.
Reply:Funny but in a morbid way.
Reply:Slippers, I was raised in Hawaii. The actual pronunciation there is slippahs.
Reply:Slippers at home. Not much of a flip-flops fan though...
Reply:Yikes! Speaking of Flipflops... It reminds me... I need to buy one or two so I can wear them at Bora next week! %26lt;*-*%26gt;
Reply:Can he buy artificial legs from the proceeds of his slippers? That would have been doubly good news for him. Anyway, I prefer slippers in the house, flip-flops when I do my grocery or malling.
Reply:at least the flip-flops didn%26#039;t go to waste.

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Slippers for men?

Do many lads like wearing slippers or is it just me???????

Slippers for men?
Only if your role-playing with your girlfriend or wife !

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Slippers / Flipflops for bridesmaids gifts?

Hey Everyone, I was looking to get my bridesmaids a pair of slippers or flipflops for the reception for my wedding in August. Our colors are blue and yellow. I have 6 bridemaids so I am looking to have somewhat of lower cost. I got them a purse and bath and body works stuff already. Let me know!!

Slippers / Flipflops for bridesmaids gifts?
I agree with the last person. Old Navy is your best flip-flop option (I%26#039;m a wedding/event planner and thats where all my brides go) Some of them are crafty and will add ribons/bows/jewels to make them a little dressier.
Reply:Flip flops will be sweet but if they are wearing them at the reception be sure they are decorated with flowers, sequins or gems like glass beads or gold/silver.

Have a wonderful wedding! Congratulations on catching your man!
Reply:here are some yellow or blue ones at old navy that are 3.50 for 2 pairs.

They come in lots of colors.
Reply:flip flops because its getting hot outside and people wear more flip flops more than they would slipprs